Skin Barrier Function

At Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, you’ve probably heard the term “skin barrier function” a time or two. Skin barrier function is important to correcting skin weakness, sensitivity, dryness, and restoring skin health. What is skin barrier function? According to Dr. Zein Obagi, the barrier function “acts as a protective skin envelope preventing penetration of harmful… Read More »

Hydration and Calming

Say No to Conventional Moisturizers  The popularity of moisturizers has led to the term “Sensitive Skin.” Using moisturizers occasionally when needed is acceptable, but to depend on them to hydrate and calm skin on a daily basis is actually damaging to the skin. With repeated use, moisturizers have a negative impact on skin, making it… Read More »

The Definition of Skin Health

If you talk to any respected dermatologist or esthetician, they will talk about skin health over and over again. A good skincare specialist will tell you that skin health is ten times more important than clear skin or young skin. Any skincare specialist can prescribe medication for acne or recommend Botox for those fine lines… Read More »

Topical Agents in Skin Health

Topical agents should be classified based on: therapeutic value and does it work intracellularly or extracellularly? More specifically, topical agents can be classified as essential or supportive. Basically, essential topical agents are those that are intracellular and supportive agents are extracellular. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between essential and supportive agents… Read More »

Waking Up the Skin

In any good skincare regimen, the skin is stimulated using active ingredients. Have you ever felt your skin tingle after putting on a cream? This is the process in which skin is being stimulated. Oxygen production is increased and cellular activity is increased. This results in slowed aging and skin health restoration.   Skin stimulation… Read More »

ZO Skin Conventional Moisturizer Theory

Dr. Zein Obagi of ZO Skin Health has an interesting take on conventional moisturizers, and we’re here to discuss and explain his theory of why you should say no to conventional moisturizers.    According to Dr. Obagi, “The popularity of moisturizers has led to the term “sensitive skin.” Using moisturizers occasionally when needed is acceptable,… Read More »

ZO Skin Health Principles

ZO Skin Health has defined healthy skin as skin that is smooth, firm and tight, even in color, hydrated, tolerant, and free from disease. When the skin lacks any of these factors, the skin must be restored to a healthy state. ZO Skin Health states there are eight core principles that holistically treat the skin… Read More »

Benefits of Vitamin A

Common ingredients in skincare may include retinol and retinoic acid. These agents are important in the stimulation of skin cells and can aid in preventing and correcting signs of aging. Retinol and retinoic acid are derivatives of vitamin A. Vitamin A is a stimulant that increases oxygen circulation in the skin. Vitamin A stimulates both… Read More »