Dr. Wallin provides Otoplasty, earlobe repair and reduction, and newborn ear correction.

Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery

If you or your child, are looking to significantly change the shape or size of the ears, an otoplasty is an effective cosmetic technique that can be used to restore a natural look to the ears. If you are interested in modifying the appearance of your ears, speak with the office of Dr. Jordan Wallin to learn more about the process of an otoplasty, or ear recontouring surgery.


People of all ages ask us, “how can I repair my stretched or torn ear lobes” or “can I fix my gauged ears”? Additionally, some adults who have had piercings for many years will experience sagging ear lobes and loose jewelry due to a gradual enlargement of their piecing from many years of usage, making their beautiful jewelry point to the ground. Several options exist to repair your ear lobe that often can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Dr. Wallin, an expert in ear reconstruction, can help you obtain your goal of having your ears back to how you remember them – often in less than one hour.


Many factors can lead to your baby having ears that appear misshapen or prominent including genetics and even positioning in the womb. During the first few weeks of life, a newborn’s ears can be reshaped using molds, thanks to mom’s estrogen that remains in the baby for a short while. Several devices are available to help Dr. Wallin in his efforts to correct the shape of the ears, including EarwellEarbuddies or custom silicon putty splints made by Dr. Wallin. If done early enough, Dr. Wallin can successfully correct misfolded or prominent ears in 90% of newborn ears. If you would like to learn more about newborn ear correction in St. George, UT, please contact us online today!

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