What Is ProNox®?

ProNox® is a self-administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen system that you can request to help lessen discomfort during a procedure under local anesthesia.  Once called laughing gas, nitrous oxide calms the central nervous system and keeps you comfortable during your procedure. 

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The combined use of nitrous oxide and oxygen is a method of mild sedation that has been used around the world for more than a century. Nitrous oxide and O2 is used to manage anxiety and discomfort during routine, restorative, and cosmetic procedures.


The sedative effects of ProNox® are in the hands of the patient. You control how much or how little you need.

Will I Feel Anything During The Procedure?

ProNox® is not a replacement for a local anesthetic, although nitrous oxide does have an analgesic effect. When using the ProNox® system, the central nervous system slows down in terms of responsiveness, which leads to the enhancement of other pain medications. ProNox® complements the effects of local anesthetic such as lidocaine for surgical and non-surgical procedures. Because nitrous oxide does not put a patient “to sleep” like general anesthesia does, patients can communicate with staff to help manage comfort levels.

Why Should I Use ProNox® For My Procedure?

ProNox® is great for patients who want maximum comfort during their procedure.  Physical discomfort is only one aspect of cosmetic treatments.  It is also common for patients to experience psychological stress, regardless of their excitement about the outcome of the procedure.  ProNox® puts a considerable degree of this matter into the patient’s own hands. 

If you have any anxiety regarding your upcoming cosmetic procedure, or you have been procrastinating getting a procedure done, ProNox® may be the catalyst that helps you take action.  Contact our office to learn more about how this analgesic system can help you.

Are There Any Risks
Or Side Effects?

The ProNox® system is based on a long history of success using nitrous oxide as a calming agent and analgesic.  Nitrous oxide has been safely used in dermatologic, surgical, and dental settings.  In the past, clinical staff has been in control of dosing and administering this sedative.  What ProNox® does is give you control.  This is made possible by internal safety mechanisms, such as infection control via a one-way delivery valve and automatic shut-off if either nitrous oxide or oxygen levels in the machine become too low.  The advantage of nitrous oxide is that its’ calming effects occur quickly and dissipate within about 5 minutes after the completion of treatment.  Due to this effect, patients need not arrive to their appointments early nor are thy required to arrange transportation to and from their appointments.  Once the effects of nitrous oxide wear off, normal activities can be resumed.  In cases where the specific procedure would not prohibit driving, patients using ProNox® can drive home after their treatment. 

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