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What are the essentials in choosing a surgeon for your facial surgery? Extensive experience, training, and board certification. You want someone who will listen to your concerns and create a realistic and holistic treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Perhaps even more importantly, you should look for someone with intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and the artistry to create natural-looking results. 


At Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, Dr. Wallin offers all of this and more to every client who walks in the door. With years of experience working in some of the world’s top hospitals, and specialized training for aesthetic surgery of the head, neck, and face, you won’t find a more qualified surgeon. 


Our St. George, UT, office, and medical spa offer a range of procedures to rejuvenate and restore. Take a moment to read on and see if we can help you feel like your best self this year. 

Aging can have drastic effects on the texture and quality of our skin, especially in the face. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, and our skin becomes less full, defined, and elastic and more prone to sagging.


Reversing the effects of lost volume and drooping skin can be difficult on your own. But with the help of modern advances in surgical techniques and technology, Dr. Wallin can create stunning results. A facelift works to lift sagging skin on the upper neck, jowls, and cheeks. It restores both fullness and definition to help you achieve a younger look and feel like your best self again. 


When you work with a specialized facial surgeon like Dr. Wallin, there’s no need to worry about your facelift changing how you look or restricting facial motion. We pride ourselves on providing clients with subtle, natural-looking results they love. Stop the hands of time with a facelift at Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery.

While facelifts are one of the most popular and best-known cosmetic treatments available, some of our patients are hesitant about committing to a full facelift, or may not have developed deep wrinkles and lines. In this case, a mini-facelift can provide beautiful outcomes. 


Mini-facelifts, also known as MACs lifts, use a smaller incision size and require a less invasive process than their traditional facelift cousin. When using this technique, Dr. Wallin usually creates hidden incisions in the hairline and in front of the ear, allowing him to tighten the skin along the cheeks. Mini-facelifts do not, however, address the neck, as this requires incisions behind the ears.


If you’re looking to rejuvenate your face, but don’t want to deal with an extended recovery period or a higher degree of discomfort, mini-facelifts are an effective and popular solution. 

The neck can often be the first place where aging makes itself known. As we age, many people develop jowls, a fatty vertical banding which hangs from their chin to neck. Other areas of laxity on the neck can develop, too. 


A neck lift can help address these conditions and boost your self-esteem. Say goodbye to scarves and turtlenecks, and embrace looking your best. Neck lifts tackle deep wrinkles and sagging neck skin, due to either weight fluctuation or aging. Dr. Wallin can remove any excess skin or fat, tighten the muscles in the neck, and improve the overall appearance and contour of your jawline. Many of our patients choose to pair this procedure with a facelift to provide comprehensive anti-aging, but Dr. Wallin can complete it as a solo procedure as well. 


If you’re ready to love your neck again and turn back the clock on jowls, a neck lift could be right for you.

Choosing to undergo a facelift takes a tremendous amount of bravery and trust. Though many facelifts provide patients with issue-free, long-lasting results they love, others can leave you with a sense of wanting something more. You may look in the mirror, see the results your surgeon provided, and feel they aren’t right.  


Though many people believe facelift results are permanent, revision facelifts can follow up on and refine your initial procedure. If you’re looking to enhance or improve upon the results of your previous plastic surgeon’s work, Dr. Wallin can help.


Facelift revision is a powerful tool to help you meet your goals and look how you wanted to in the first place. Thanks to Dr. Wallin’s years of experience as a specialized facial surgeon, he can delicately sculpt and create subtle natural-looking results. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best.

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