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Bumps on the face, scalp and neck can happen for a variety of reasons. In our practice, we see patients with bony and fatty tumor growths most commonly found to be benign in nature. Despite the bumps being benign, they can be quite concerning and cause a significant deformity. Patients will sometimes live years not knowing that these bumps can be easily removed with minimal downtime. An osteoma is a benign (not cancerous) bony growth which can appear as a hard, fixed knot or bump on the forehead or scalp and are frequently found in this area where the skin can be thinner and there isn’t much soft tissue to hide the abnormality. Osteomas usually develop slowly over time, are found as a single mass, and cause no symptoms such as pain. Other bumps can be caused by fatty tumors called lipomas. These lesions are softer in nature and tend to enlarge slowly over the years.

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Dr. Jordan Wallin, will discuss your options for removal depending on the location and size of the bump (osteomas or lipomas). Smaller bumps can be removed in the office while larger bumps might require anesthesia to keep you comfortable. The surgery is commonly done using special minimally invasive techniques to help you heal quicker. Dr. Wallin does everything possible to hide scars along the hairline
or along natural creases and will show you where the anticipated scar will be. The scar after surgery will heal very well over time; while the incision never completely disappears, it can be difficult to notice when healed.


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