Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction, also known as liposculpting, is a great way to help restore confidence by reducing the fat under the chin and along the jawline. The procedure is best for those with good skin elasticity that will allow the skin to pull back up under the chin after removal of the fat. Patients that have loose skin in the area are often better suited for a neck lift.


This surgical procedure is easily done in the office using local anesthesia and oral pain medicine. For those that want to be asleep, we certainly can assist with this so that you don’t feel any discomfort during your procedure.

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Several options can also improve fullness under your chin. Technology that freezes or warms the fat has gained popularity over the past decade, but these require multiple treatments and cannot treat the neck along the jawline. Patients will experience swelling after these procedures that can persist for several weeks.

Similarly, medicines that are injected under the chin, such as Kybella ®, cannot be injected safely along the jawline without harming the nerve that moves the lower lip. A large majority of patients that choose Kybella to reduce fat under the chin will report a prolonged firmness and numbness in the area of treatment. While Kybella remains a good option for non-surgical reduction of fat under the chin, those that choose this route will need to be patient while the swelling reduces and be prepared for at least three treatments spaced one month apart for optimal results.

One significant advantage that neck liposuction has over other treatments is the shorter recovery and single treatment. Bruising can happen during the procedure when small blood vessels are traumatized, but the amount of swelling is normally much less and improves much faster than with other options.

This procedure is tolerated very well, even without sedation anesthesia. Our patients report more of a “weird” tugging sensation as we work to reduce the excess fat rather than a painful sensation.

The cost of liposuction varies based on the type of anesthesia chosen by the patient. However, most patients that choose in-office treatment can have this procedure done for $2,650. For those that want Kybella, the series of injections costs about $3,500.

Fat reduction using all methods carries a risk of contour irregularities or lumpiness/asymmetry in the treatment area. Infection is possible but rare as well as damage to deeper structures such as nerves and blood vessels. Patients should also expect bruising, whether it be mild or more.


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