During the natural aging process, your facial appearance inevitably shows the signs; fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity, and developing sagging skin are common cosmetic issues as patients get older. Other factors such as genetics, smoking, and extreme weight loss can add to the appearance of premature aging. If you’re experiencing these moderate to severe issues associated with cosmetic aging, a facelift can restore your youthful appearance, confidence, and sense of vitality. If you’ve ever considered a facelift surgery, you are likely to have questions about the procedure. Here is everything you need to know about getting a facelift in St. George at Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery.

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Facelifts focus on deep tissues to restore the youthful appearance of your skin and help resuspend volume that has descended through the years. Dr. Wallin uses either a deep plane technique or a SMAS technique to perform his facelift surgeries depending on your anatomy. The deep plane technique allows for the improvement of heavy jowls and sagging cheeks. By releasing certain tissues and repositioning them, it restores the volume to its native position and corrects sagging facial structures. The SMAS technique is used to help tighten the foundation of tissues under your skin which adds fullness and a youthful appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Wallin, he will explain both treatment methods in detail and determine which is right for you based on your unique facial structure and desired results.

Facelift patients can expect treatment to improve loose tissue at the mid to lower face, as well as the jowls, chin, neck, and areas around the mouth. In general, treatment is designed to remove excess skin and fat and reposition the underlying tissues to create long-lasting and natural-looking results. Many patients also opt for an eyelid surgery or brow lift to address signs of aging on the upper face, resulting in full facial rejuvenation.


What Signs of Aging Can a Facelift Improve?

Visible signs of aging vary depending on genetics, sun exposure, weight loss or gain, and a variety of other factors. Typical issues that a facelift can address are

  • Sagging and wrinkly skin
  • Loss of volume over the cheekbones
  • Jowls in the jaw or cheek areas
  • Excess fat or skin in the neck area
  • Deep fold lines around the corners of the mouth and nose (sometimes called “marionette lines’”)

A facelift should not fundamentally change your appearance. Instead, it is intended to restore youthful facial contours and volume and provide a boost in confidence. Many patients opt to have additional procedures that are highly effective in complementing facelift results, such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion. These treatments address additional signs of aging such as loss of fullness in the cheeks or lips or dull, and hyperpigmented skin.


Ideal Candidates for Facelifts

Ideal candidates for facelifts are those display dramatic signs of aging such as sagging, excess skin, jowls, deep lines and wrinkles, and loss of volume. Younger patients who are just starting to notice signs of aging are usually encouraged to consider a mini facelift or noninvasive procedures such as dermal fillers, liquid facelifts, or Botox®.

Those who are in overall good health, do not smoke and have reasonable expectations for the results of their procedure make excellent facelift candidates. During the consultation phase, Dr. Wallin will ensure patients do not have any medical disorder that will affect their results, surgery, or recovery – this includes taking any medication that may interfere with the facelift process. If Dr. Wallin decides that a facelift procedure is not the best choice for his patient, he will suggest a different type of treatment to help them reach their goals. Dr. Wallin is focused on the physical and emotional health of each patient and will help them choose a treatment that is the safest and most effective for them.

What Happens During Facelift Surgery in
St. George with Dr. Wallin?

Facelift surgery usually takes two to three hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. Patients should have a friend or family member drive them to their appointment and take them home afterward, as anesthesia is used and the patient will not be allowed to drive. When the patient arrives at the surgical center, he or she will be given anesthesia to keep them comfortable during the procedure. An incision will then be made around the hairline so that underlying tissues can be lifted and excess fat and skin can be removed. After this is completed, the incision will be closed with fine stitches often hidden within the hairline. The patient will be allowed to rest and recover before they are discharged and allowed to go home.

Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery


Those who have scheduled a facelift procedure may need to complete lab testing depending on medical conditions and other medical evaluations before their procedure. They may also need to briefly discontinue certain medications and avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, or herbal supplements. Those who smoke will need to stop smoking at least a few weeks before their surgery. During the consultation phase, Dr. Wallin will provide a complete list of pre-surgery recommendations to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Once a facelift has been completed, the patient will have a bandage around the area to assist with healing. Bruising and swelling are common but subside within a couple of weeks and can be managed with medications prescribed by Dr. Wallin. We suggest that patients plan to take at least a 10-14 days off work to recover and avoid strenuous activity for two weeks after surgery. Dr. Wallin finds that most of his patients can resume their normal schedules for approximately one to two weeks after surgery though it may take a little more time for post-procedure swelling to resolve completely.

Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery


If you live in the St. George area and are interested in learning more about the facelift procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jordan Wallin today. Dr. Wallin is highly subspecialized in plastic surgery of the head, face, and neck only. As an expert in this area, he is uniquely qualified to perform facelifts and is committed to the unique needs of each of his patients. He designs custom fit facelift dressings for all his facelift patients to maximize comfort after the surgery; if you ever have concerns or questions about your procedure, Dr. Wallin is easy to reach with help and assistance.

If you’re ready to address the signs of aging and regain your youthful appearance with a facelift in St. George, contact Dr. Wallin today for a consultation.


Traditional facelifts, sometimes called full facelifts, are done to help improve the appearance of the neck, jaw line, and cheeks. To achieve these results incisions are needed behind the ears as well as in front of the ears. Mini face lifts have various names including MACS lift, S lift, and midface lifts have shorter recoveries due to smaller incisions and are designed to address specific areas like the cheeks and jaw line. Incisions for many of these lifts are placed in front of the ears and do not extend behind the ears.

Dr. Wallin will review several options for you that may include non-surgical and surgical options. The first big question is how much “down time” away from things you enjoy do you have and how significant of a result are you looking for? Most surgical options involve recovery that extends a week at least but also give the best result for your investment. Having a safe procedure is our first goal so be sure to bring any medication lists and discuss your medical history with Dr. Wallin. His team will send you a link to update your medical history in the chart using the internet or you can do this on our ipad when you get to the office. This will allow you the most time to discuss your concerns and goals. 

Dr. Wallin will provide you with several items in your surgical care bag to make your day be stress free as possible. Pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy the week before and get some soft foods at the grocery store. Call or visit with Dr. Wallin for any last-minute worries you have so you don’t show up to the surgery with a list of questions. We will have you shower and wash the surgical areas three times at home prior to coming to the surgery.

All surgeries have risk but we do everything possible to minimize these for you. When the skin is cut anywhere there is a risk of bleeding and infection. Fortunately, these risks are low. Dr. Wallin will consider your goals and medical history to reduce the risks such as poor wound healing, skin loss, and fluid accumulations. Nerves that move your face can be stretched or cut causing weakness or paralysis. It is normal to have some temporary numbness around the ears and neck after surgery. Rarely this can be permanent. Your anesthesiologist can review the risk of anesthesia with you.

The short answer is yes but smoking increases your chance of infection and can lead to decreased healing and/or skin loss and also limits how much work Dr. Wallin is able to do. It is always best to stop smoking prior to be able to have the appropriate surgery and to obtain the best result.

Facelift costs vary greatly in Utah ($7,500-$18,000) mainly because every patient is different and some need work in areas that others don’t.  Don’t be fooled by bargain options as they normally do not include the same surgeries or focus on skin excision rather than treating the foundation muscle layer under the skin. As we all know, skin will stretch quickly and that bargain won’t seem so much like a deal in a year.

Your recovery after facelift surgery should be surprisingly short. While it is a surgical procedure, the typical recovery time is only about ten days. We will most likely remove your stitches in the first week following the operation. Most patients choose to return to work and their regular routine within two weeks of facelift surgery. We recommend that you maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and refer to our specific post-op instructions to have the best possible recovery.

This depends… If you have an office job and can work from home many patients start working in less than a week. It is safest to plan for 10 days away from work and 14 if your job is physically demanding.

Our team at Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery wants you to have the absolute best result. As a result, Dr. Wallin has you meet with our Master Aesthetician prior to surgery for a complementary Hydrafacial and skin analysis. You will be given several products to help get your skin ready and to maintain your results after the surgery. About 10-14 days after surgery you will have a lymphatic drainage massage to help mobilize fluids and our Master Aesthetician will review your skin care regimen. All supplies, with exception to your prescriptions, will be provided to you so you don’t have to make any trips to the store for additional ointments, cotton applicators, or peroxide.

I ask my patients to limit physical activity where their heart rate gets elevated for the first 2 weeks. I have found this decreases the healing time and reduces swelling.

We have many options in the office to reduce the signs of aging. For some, reducing fat under the chin is all they are looking for and we have a few options to improve this area. If you have early signs of aging or aren’t healthy to have surgery fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are great options. Often, addressing the skin color, texture, and lines with lasers can help one look much younger.

Liquid fillers traditionally involve injecting fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane into the face to help reduce volume loss. The recovery from this is very quick compared to traditional facelifts. Vampire facelifts are done with your own blood using the growth factors to stimulate tissues and volumize one’s face.

There is no specific timeline that anyone can possibly provide regarding facelift results. That being said, results should last for many years. You can significantly maintain the longevity of your results by limiting how much you are in the sun, wearing sunscreen, eating right, and following a personalized skincare routine. You can also keep your skin looking great by choosing some of our non-invasive procedures, such as chemical peelslaser procedures, and HydraFacials.

You should expect a natural looking result for and foremost! Pull out a picture of you about 10-15 years ago and that is our goal. Our patients often tell us they don’t want anything drastic but rather a refreshed look. We love hearing from our patients when they tell us their friends ask them if they went on vacation, got their hair cut, or question how they look so rested.

Experience matters. Board certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery shows that your plastic surgeon is extensively trained in plastic surgery in the head and neck area and has spent over 6 years of surgical training above the collar bones alone. Assure your plastic surgeon does this case on a routine basis and is able to accomplish the surgery in a timely and accurate manner.

Because facelift surgery is an invasive procedure, it will unavoidably leave scars. Fortunately, an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Wallin can precisely place his incisions in a spot that will be almost totally unnoticeable. You will see your scars fade gradually as they heal. Most patients agree that the minimal amount of scarring is well worth the incredible results that facelifts can provide.

Facelift surgery is designed to enhance the lower two-thirds of your face but will not address the upper third. Patients who want to also lift their eyelids, browline, or forehead skin can add a browlift or eyelid surgery to complement the results of their facelift and look even more youthful. Feel free to ask us about additional procedures in your consultation!

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