Facial implants can be used in the face to provide long term fullness to areas that lose volume over time or for patients that had a lack of growth of certain facial bones such as the nose, jaw, and cheekbones. 

One of the more common areas that implants are placed is on the chin, which helps produce more projection frequently noted on profile view. While the chin is the most commonly requested facial implant surgery, other areas such as the angles of the jawbone and the cheekbone area are also common. These implants can help produce a subtle but noticeable fullness to areas that need more enhancement commonly due to asymmetry in facial bone growth.  

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The most common types of facial implants are made of solid silicone. These implants are inert, meaning the body doesn’t recognize them as a foreign body except in the rarest of circumstances, and do very well for long term results. Implants can be permanent in nature, but as with all implants, there are times when patients choose to remove them. Other implants used, especially patient-specific implants (PSI), are made of two materials: PEEK, which is a type of plastic material, and pure Titanium.


How Do I Choose Between Fillers and a Permanent
Facial Implant?

Both options are good choices to produce fullness in areas lacking. Often, patients will opt to test the appearance of what an implant would look like with fillers and then move towards a more permanent option. This is a good option, except when a patient has a significant lack of skeletal development and would require several syringes of filler to get the desired result. The cost of fillers can be quite expensive if a patient wants a significant change, and for some, they prefer to move directly towards the surgery to save money in the long run. 

What are the Different Types of Implants Available and How are They Placed?

  • Chin- used to help change the shape and projection of the front of the chin and commonly inserted under the chin with a ¼ inch incision.
  • Nasal- used for a variety of areas such as the bridge of the nose or base. Most implants are placed during a rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Mandible angle (jaw)- used to produce width, elongation, or a change in shape at the corner of the jawbone in front of the ears. These implants are placed with incisions in the back of the mouth on the cheeks.
  • Malar/submalar- used to provide fullness to the cheek bones and are placed with incisions under the upper lip to the side of the nose.
  • Patient Specific Implant- Custom implants used for cosmetic and traumatic concerns are custom built to your anatomy and specifications chosen by you and Dr. Wallin.

What are the Risks of Facial Implants?

While all surgery carries risk, the placement of facial implants is generally safe and quick. The most frequent risks of surgery are infection and implant extrusion. Nerve damage, which is commonly temporary, is also possible, as several of the surgeries require working around sensory nerves to the face. While all efforts are made to provide you with an excellent result, asymmetries can be present after surgery, especially when trying to correct deficiencies in the facial bones.

What Does Facial Implant Surgery Cost in Utah?

The cost of surgery depends greatly on where the implant is used and if custom implants are desired. Most pre-fabricated implants cost between $250-$500 and, depending on where they go, will dictate the surgery costs.


Patients will have stitches removed one week after surgery unless inside the mouth. At that time, most patients are healing very nicely but continue to have some swelling near the surgical site. We ask patients to avoid strenuous activities for two weeks after surgery. 

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