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Ear Lobe Repair

People of all ages ask us, “how can I repair my stretched or torn ear lobes” or “can I fix my gauged ears”? Additionally, some adults who have had piercings for many years will experience sagging ear lobes and loose jewelry due to a gradual enlargement of their piecing from many years of usage, making their beautiful jewelry point to the ground. Several options exist to repair your ear lobe that often can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Dr. Wallin, an expert in ear reconstruction, can help you obtain your goal of having your ears back to how you remember them – often in less than one hour.

If you would like to learn more about ear lobe repair in St. George, UT, please contact us online today!


Dr. Wallin will review your medical history on the day of your visit and assure your concerns are appropriate for the procedure. He will mark your ears and then inject a small amount of numbing medicine into your ear lobes, which is tolerated well due to the smaller concentration of nerves in the area. After the area is cleansed, he will prepare the skin edges based on your needs and then place fine stitches in your ear lobe to reposition the tissue back to where it belongs.

A small amount of antibiotic ointment will be placed twice a day for the next week while at home. The procedure is painless, as the numbing medicine remains active for about an hour. After that, most patients report a mild tenderness to touch for the next week. Pain medicine such as Tylenol is sometimes needed at home for a day or two.

Young children under the age of 8 can often require a sedation anesthesia to make the experience less traumatic. If you have a young child, Dr. Wallin will discuss the best way to repair their ear lobes when you come for your consultation.


What does it Cost to Repair my Gauged or Torn Ears?

Each patient’s condition is different, so once you come in for a consultation with Dr. Wallin, we will provide you with all pricing options prior to any procedure so that you will be fully aware of the costs and time required to reach a great result.

If you would like a more accurate ear lobe repair cost estimate, simply email our team at info@dbpsoasis with detailed pictures of your ears, including your normal side, if present. Dr. Wallin will happily review these pictures and give you a more accurate quote. If you are interested in enlisting in the military or other ecclesiastical service and have gauged ears that need repair, please ask for the “Service Discount.” We at Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery love to serve those that aim to improve our world around us with their service.


Contact Dr. Jordan Wallin to learn more about ways to repair your enlarged, torn, or gauged ear lobes. This simple procedure is most often performed in the office in less than one hour. To learn more, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our ear lobe repair experts in St. George, UT.