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Lumecca IPL Photofacial Technology in
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Intense Pulse Light (IPL), also commonly called photofacial, uses specific spectrums of light to target damaged skin that can appear darker or red. Age spots are the most common treated condition with this technology but freckles and liver spots can also be treated. Simple adjustments to the emitted light allow us to treat conditions that are red due to conditions such as rosacea or small blood vessels (telangiectasias) on the skin.


The FDA has cleared this device for people with white to light brown skin (Fitzpatrick types I-IV). Those are people that burn very easily with full sun exposure to people who tan easily and burn minimally. If you have darker skin the light emitted from the IPL is more likely to be absorbed by your natural beautiful pigment in your skin and might not give the results you desire or worse, may burn your skin.

Immediately after the treatment you will notice some pinkness to your skin which can last for one day. Two days after your treatment you will see the darker spots migrate towards the surface of the skin and over the next week the spots will fall off. Depending on your skin type and color it can be a few days shorter or longer. Three weeks after treatment you will see the final results of your treatment.

IPL technology has to balance delivering energy through the skin to a target tissue such as pigmented or red skin without burning the skin. Lumecca’s advanced technology allows 3X more energy through the skin compared to other brands allowing your treatment area to get the best results in the fewest sessions.

While most IPL’s on the market require a treatment series of 4-5 sessions to get the desired results, Lumecca’s technology often gets clearance of pigmented or red lesions in 1-3 sessions saving you time, money, and discomfort.

After an evaluation by Dr. Wallin, he will provide you with strong topical medication and allow that to sit for 30 minutes. This custom topical medication will provide you with a significant reduction in pain you will feel. While everyone feels pain differently, most say the IPL photofacial feels like a small rubber band being released towards your skin.

While the face is the most commonly treated area, many other areas can be treated with Lumecca’s IPL photo-rejuventation technology including hands, arms or décolletage (upper chest).

As with all procedures, Lumecca’s photofacial technology can have undesired side effects. This is why Dr. Wallin insists that he meet you prior to starting any treatment series and he will discuss your medical history and risks. Burns can happen with IPL technology and this risk is increased with those that have had recent sun exposure or naturally have darker skin. No studies will ever be done for pregnant mothers as it isn’t ethical to do such research and because we love babies.  We ask expecting mothers to delay treatment.  While rare, discolorations of the skin can persist after treatment causing skin to appear more dark or light.

Prices vary depending on the size of the area and condition you would like treated. Allow Dr. Wallin to consult with you to come up with a treatment pathway and provide you with specific pricing for your area of concern.


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