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What Makes DiolazeXL your best option for laser hair reduction? Are you finally ready for those smooth legs, bikini area, or face? If you are tired of waxing or plucking your unwanted hair, the Diolaze xl is the latest, state-of-the-art laser for laser hair reduction that is designed to safely penetrate deep into your skin and target pigmented hair follicles to stop their growth. Unlike most lasers for hair reduction, this laser is safe for people with light to dark skin. Downtime is minimal for most patients with only mild redness to the treated skin for a few hours after the treatment.


Most of your hair will be treated after 4-6 treatments. The reason it takes several treatments spaced a month apart is that your hair goes through several cycles as it grows then eventually sheds. Hairs in a resting phase are not attached to the deep follicle and treating these hairs will not target the follicle and stop hair growth.

Diolaze xl is known for its fast and and very efficient hair treatments. It has a proprietary3PC cooling system that cools the skin before, during, and after the treatment to maximize comfort. This technology is also nearly 50% faster than other lasers used for hair reduction.

Waxing has long been an option for hair reduction but this treatment does not change the growth of the hair follicle. Oasis Aesthetics offers waxing if you are looking for a treatment today for a special event. Electrolysis is known to be a slower and more painful option to treat hair and with today’s technology it has become rather outdated, except for those with non-pigmented hair. Lasers require pigment in hair to be effective. Those with white or very blonde hair might be better served with electrolysis.

A common question we get is how long will the laser hair reduction last? While it is not uncommon to have a small portion of the hairs regrow several months to years later, a large majority of the treated hair follicles should not regrow hair. Touch up sessions can be needed several months after the series ends to achieve optimal results.

Faces to bikini areas.  Almost all of the body’s hair.  The Diolaze xl 810 nm laser technology allows for nearly all areas of the body to be treated.

The absolute best patient for laser hair reduction is a person with light-colored skin and course, dark-colored hair. Other patients can be treated but they can require more sessions to achieve the same results. All skin types can be treated with Diolaze xl.

It is common for you to have some discomfort, redness or swelling after your treatment. Serious complications can occur with any laser such as burns, permanent changes to skin color (lighter or darker), infections, or scarring. Dr. Wallin will discuss these risks with you prior to starting any treatments and assure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Prices vary depending on the size of the area and condition you would like treated. Allow Dr. Wallin to consult with you to come up with a treatment pathway and provide you with specific pricing for your area of concern.

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