During the aging process, skin naturally loosens as its elasticity changes. This can cause signs of aging on the face such as drooping, sagging, and furrows, along with wrinkles and lines that develop from repeated facial expressions giving the appearance of looking tired and sad. Much of this aging occurs on the upper half of the face, especially between the eyebrows and on the forehead. For those who have advanced signs of aging in this area, a brow lift may be the solution to create a more youthful appearance. At Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jordan Wallin specializes in procedures on the face, neck, and head, including brow lifts in St. George, Utah.

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A brow lift can be the perfect solution for those who have localized advanced signs of aging and who may not be ready for a facelift. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can reduce the lines that develop horizontally across the forehead, wrinkles between the eyes, and fine lines on the bridge of the nose. Treatment can also lift this area and reduce sagging brows that hood the upper eyelids impairing vision, placing the eyebrows in a more youthful position.

Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift is an outpatient procedure that normally takes 90 minutes to perform. When you arrive at the surgery center, you will be given anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the surgery. Whether you are given general anesthesia, or IV sedation, will depend on your unique health history and preference, as well as Dr. Wallin’s recommendation.

Once you are properly prepared, Dr. Wallin will begin the surgery. There are several different ways to approach a brow lift. These include using a thin tube with a camera (an endoscope) and inserting special instruments through incisions in the hairline. This allows Dr. Wallin to adjust tissues and muscles beneath the skin to correct visible wrinkles and creases in the forehead. Another option is a coronal incision that is made over the top of the head. The forehead skin is then lifted so that muscle adjustments can be made. If the patient has a very high forehead, an anterior hairline incision may be used, so the brow can be lifted without altering the height of the hairline. The technique Dr. Wallin uses will be based on your unique anatomy as well as goals for the procedure.

After the tissues and muscles have been adjusted accordingly, the incision will be closed with sutures and special clips. The area will be wrapped in bandages for the night. You will then be allowed to rest and recover from anesthesia before being released home to recuperate under the care of a loved one.

Recovering from a Brow Lift

Your bandages will be replaced with lighter dressing so you can shower and wash your hair; sutures and clips will be removed in a subsequent follow-up appointment after Dr. Wallin has evaluated the healing process. You will likely experience swelling and bruising, but patients are generally highly comfortable. During the first few days, you should rest and relax as much as possible. If you have children or other responsibilities, it’s recommended that you have some assistance so you can rest without being interrupted. Most of those who undergo a brow lift are up and about a few days after surgery, but Dr. Wallin advises his patients to take it easy for at least the first seven to ten days. Many return to work ten to 14 days after surgery, though strenuous activity should be avoided until healing is complete.

During recovery, you should take care to be gentle with the surgical sites. You may wear makeup to cover the bruising away from the incisions after the first couple of days. Though it may take several weeks to recover fully from a brow lift, most of Dr. Wallin’s patients find they are ready to resume their normal schedules after two weeks.

Brow Lift Candidates

Are you interested in a brow lift to address signs of aging on the upper face? Those who make good candidates for brow lifts are physically healthy, do not smoke, and have realistic goals for the procedure. Dr. Wallin finds that patients receive the most benefit from brow lifts when they have localized signs of aging, such as deep furrows between the brows, lines on the forehead, or drooping of the eyebrows due to relaxation of muscles and tissue. If significant signs of aging are also present on other parts of the face, such as the neck and jawline, a facelift may be required to achieve the patient’s goals. If aging is specific to the forehead and eyes, an eyelid lift can be completed at the same time to provide comprehensive rejuvenation. If loss of volume in the cheek area, excess fat under the chin, or dull skin is also present, Dr. Wallin may also suggest non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Those who do not make good candidates for brow lifts are those who smoke, are otherwise unhealthy, or who are taking medications that could interfere with their ability to heal. During your consultation with Dr. Wallin, he will look over your complete health history, ask questions, and ensure that a brow lift is a safe procedure for you.

Your Brow Lift Consultation with Dr. Jordan Wallin

To find out if a brow lift is right for you, schedule a consultation with
Dr. Wallin. To prepare for your consultation, come with questions you have for Dr. Wallin about the brow lift procedure and his recommendations. Dr. Wallin takes as much time as necessary to consult with his patients, learn about them, and ensure that he is recommending the surgery that is safe for them and that will achieve their goals. If advanced signs of aging in the forehead and eyebrow area are affecting your self-confidence, schedule your consultation with Dr. Wallin today to find out more about brow lifts in St. George, UT!