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Oasis Aesthetics, a part of Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, offers non-surgical procedures to help clients enjoy better confidence and a youthful appearance. Our treatments are perfect for clients who are not candidates for invasive procedures or who would prefer to avoid surgical therapies due to the associated recovery times. With help from our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jordan Wallin, you can benefit from the many advantages of non-surgical therapy to turn back the clock on signs of facial aging.

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For almost every aesthetic concern, such as signs of facial aging and drooping skin, there is a non-surgical procedure that can provide your expected results. Oasis Aesthetics provides facial treatments that can add volume to areas of the face where aging has caused a loss of collagen and elastin – important compounds that create the appearance of full and healthy skin.

Treatments available from our facial plastic surgeon include cosmetic injectables and topical skin procedures. Injections with Botox ®, Dysport ®, and Jeuveau™ erase fine lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers allow the skin to look plump, moisturized, and smooth. Adding volume to the soft tissue can resolve drooping facial skin around the midface and jawline – common problem areas that can make clients look prematurely aged or heavier than they are.

Non-Surgical Facial Procedures for a Younger,
More Confident You

Visit Oasis Aesthetics for cosmetic facial procedures that require no surgical treatments or extensive downtime for recovery. Available options include:

Many patients desire facial rejuvenation and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, but do not want to subject themselves to invasive surgical procedures that require a lot of recovery time. Neuromodulators, wrinkle-relaxing injections of cosmetic treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau are used to relax the muscles and smooth out skin to present a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, all in the comfort of a plastic surgeon’s office. Dr. Wallin personally administers neuromodulators like Botox to ensure the treatment is effective. Injections require essentially no recovery time and can be carried out in minutes during a break in your day. Dr. Wallin has trained dermatologists, otolaryngologist, oculoplastic surgeons, and plastic surgeons for many years on a regular basis on safe techniques and methods that obtain the best results using all types of neuromodulators.

The signs of aging, like lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are due to a loss of volume as the tissues on the face start to thin out. Dermal fillers are substances similar to gel that can be smoothly injected underneath the skin to help soften up creases, smooth out aging lines, and bring back volume that was lost. The cosmetic treatment is extremely popular due to its safety and prompt recovery time. Dr. Wallin has extensive experience with injectable dermal fillers and only uses FDA-approved fillers that are composed of HA, a natural part of your skin. Dr. Wallin has personally trained dozens of doctors teaching them how to achieve natural results and maintain the highest safety.

Chemical peels can vary greatly in their depth of treatment. Superficial and some medium depth peels are commonly administered by trained master aestheticians with relatively minimal downtime and result in excellent rejuvenation. Deeper chemical peels should only be administered by an experienced and trained physician. A chemical peel is an effective and safe way to improve the appearance of aged skin due to sunspots, lines, and deeper wrinkles. Chemical peels help remove older skin to give birth to smoother and healthier skin underneath that lacks wrinkles or other finer lines. Peels are also able to be combined with other cosmetic treatments, like laser resurfacing, a facelift, or an eyelid lift, for comprehensive rejuvenation of the skin, safely and cost-effectively while minimizing downtime.

Laser resurfacing is a great treatment for patients whose skin concerns include sun damage, acne scars, and brown spots. This treatment is a non-invasive procedure that can brighten your skin to reveal healthy, youthful-looking skin. During the procedure, the light from the laser removes dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries, and more. Laser resurfacing can help target specific skin problems in a safe and effective way with limited downtime and quick recovery. Treatment can often be combined with surgical procedures including a facelift, mini facelift, or blepharoplasty for complete facial rejuvenation. Ask Dr. Wallin what type of laser treatment is best for you.

An initial consultation with our aesthetic specialist helps detail which treatments are the best to resolve your concerns. Often, a combination of therapies provides highly effective rejuvenation to restore your youthful glow. Botox, Dysport, and Jeuveau can be used to correct dynamic facial lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers repair lost tissue volume, and cosmetic skin care, such as HydraFacial™, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing, improve the texture and tone of aged skin. Of greatest benefit to our clients is the limited recovery time created by these non-surgical procedures; injectables create only minor swelling and bruising that resolves quickly, while certain side-effects of peels and skin resurfacing fade within several days.

When you choose Oasis Aesthetics for minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation, you are provided with access to the most effective therapies for anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement.

Skin Care to Protect Your Investment

At Oasis Aesthetics we are pleased to offer the very finest in medical grade skin care. Our team will work with you to customize a skin care plan specific to your skin type needs. Regular use of these products help improve your skin’s quality and optimizes results post-procedure. We carry a full line of ZO Obagi products as well as specialized products from Skin Medica.

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We welcome new and returning clients for a consultation at our medical spa in St. George, UT. Our practice is owned and operated by our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jordan Wallin. Dr. Wallin also expertly provides injectables and non-surgical procedures, ensuring you have access to the highest level of care. We want you to love your results and are committed to your satisfaction with treatment outcomes.

To learn more about which procedures can meet your goals, contact our office today and book an appointment. We look forward to demonstrating what’s possible with non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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Facial implants can be used in the face to provide long term fullness to areas that lose volume over time or for patients that had a lack of growth of certain facial bones such as the nose, jaw, and cheekbones. 

One of the more common areas that implants are placed is on the chin, which helps produce more projection frequently noted on profile view. While the chin is the most commonly requested facial implant surgery, other areas such as the angles of the jawbone and the cheekbone area are also common. These implants can help produce a subtle but noticeable fullness to areas that need more enhancement commonly due to asymmetry in facial bone growth.  


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