Droopy Eyelids

Droopy Eyelid Repair in St. George – Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery

Many factors can lead to droopy eyelids, commonly called ptosis. The most prevalent form of droopy eyelids is seen in those in their retirement years and can be due to an excess of skin called dermatochalasis or ineffective muscles lifting up the eyelid. When excess upper eyelid skin hangs over the eyelashes, it can impair vision, which can be exacerbated if the eyelid muscle cannot lift up the eyelid to an appropriate height. Patients will often report challenges driving their car or with simple hobbies such as reading a book due to peripheral vision loss.

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What are the Causes of Droopy Eyelids?

Vision loss as a result of eyelid obstruction can be seen in patients of all ages. Dr. Wallin will want to understand if this is due to ineffective muscle elevation, congenital issues, neurologic issues, or trauma. Many patients will have a condition called pseudoptosis, which is a loss of vision from heavy eyelids and brow skin. This condition is improved first by elevating the eyebrows back to a normal height and then removing excess skin and/or tightening the muscles that lift your eyelids.

How is Ptosis Corrected?

Dr. Wallin will spend time with you to evaluate the exact cause of your droopy eyelids and will recommend a surgery for your condition if appropriate. Some patients might just need their eyebrows or eyelids lifted, while others will need work on both their eyebrows and eyelids to achieve the best result.

What Testing is Needed?

Following your consultation, Dr. Wallin will help you attain a special test to evaluate your potential vision loss due to your current eyelid position. This test is called a visual field test. It is regularly done with your eyes in a normal position and then repeated with your eyelids taped up to where they would be if you were to have surgery.

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