Fillers or Facelift?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are a great product for a wide array of cosmetic concerns. Some of their most popular uses are to increase the size of the lips, define the jaw, enhance the chin, structure cheek bones, and revitalize under-eye hollowness. Filler can correct these concerns by filling space under the skin, and helping to restore a nature youthful appearance. They do, however, have their limitations and we often see patients who have been overfilled and have not had their area of concern improved with their investment in fillers. This most commonly happens in patients who have facial drooping and the formation of jowls (excess skin hanging down from the jawline coming from the face).  When there is much laxity to the face or heaviness around the mouth lifting procedures are often the only treatment that will give you the results you are looking for.

An effective way to determine if fillers are the answer for you is to ask yourself if your area of concern would be fixed by elevating the skin with your hand, or by filling it to make it more plump? If the answer is elevation, most likely the surgical route is more appropriate for you, and if the answer is plumping, let’s talk about filler!