How Much Botox Do You Actually Need?

Botox is the number one non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure in the world. In 2019, over seven and a half-million Americans benefited from Botox’s powerful anti-aging and wrinkle rejuvenating properties. Even with all that popularity, though, myths and confusion often surround what Botox is, how it works, and how much Botox you actually need.

With so much conflicting info floating around the web, figuring out how much product you’ll need to treat facial wrinkles and frown lines can seem impossible—especially if you’re new to Botox. Below, we’ve broken down some general info to clarify confusion and provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision about Botox treatments.

It’s essential to understand that the optimal Botox dosage can only be determined during a consultation with an expert and trained physician. Dr. Wallin is a highly specialized board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in creating stunning and subtle Botox results.

The Deciding Factors

Several factors determine how much Botox is right for you, primarily the depth, quantity, and length of your age lines or wrinkles. Dr. Wallin will have you animate your face and take careful note of the ideal location for the product’s injection. During your treatment, we’ll have you continue to move your face to help achieve the freshest, subtlest, and most natural-looking results.

We’ll also schedule a follow-up for the two-week point when effects will be most visible. If necessary, Dr. Wallin can provide additional smaller doses to perfect the treatment area during this visit. In the cosmetic medicine world, Botox is generally sold either by the unit or by the treatment area. But what exactly do either of those mean?

In truth, both of these measurements can differ from practice to practice, so it’s important to ask your doctor what constitutes a “unit” at their office. At Desert Bloom, Botox administration is one of our specialties and a personal favorite procedure of Dr. Wallin. We dilute Botox at a 1:1 ratio, delivering the strongest and safest possible dose to our patients.

How Many Units of Botox Will I Need Per Area?

Different areas of the face require varying amounts of Botox for ideal results. We’ve broken down the standard ranges of units per area below. These amounts are averages and can differ depending on your unique case. Depending on your gender, skin type, age, facial muscle strength, and aesthetic goals, Dr. Wallin may recommend fewer or more units.

    • Frown lines: 20-30 units
    • Forehead lines: 10-30 units
    • Eyebrow lift: 2-5 units each
    • Crow’s feet: 9-12 units per side
    • Nose “bunny lines”: 5-10 units
    • Lip lines 2-7 units
    • Masseter reduction: 25-30 units each
    • Dimpled chin: 2-6 units
    • Playtismal Bands: 10-30 units

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles: Schedule a Consultation

Botox is an incredibly robust, safe, and efficient treatment. That’s why our patients (and people around the world) love it so much. At Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, we believe knowledge is power. Every client who walks through our door will receive the necessary information to make an informed decision about Botox on their own, alongside Dr. Wallin’s expert advice.

If you’re interested in learning more about Botox or would like a personal consultation to determine exactly how many units are necessary for your desired outcomes, please contact us. We are currently taking COVID-19 precautions very seriously in office, and maintaining our staff’s and clients’ safety is our number one priority. We’re following strict social distancing and sanitizing measures to upkeep a sterile working environment.

We’re currently offering both in-person and virtual consultations to give you the option to meet with Dr. Wallin from the comfort and safety of your home. Please give our St. George, UT, office a call at (435) 627-8150 or contact us online today to schedule your consultation with Desert Bloom.