Hydration and Calming


Say No to Conventional Moisturizers 

The popularity of moisturizers has led to the term “Sensitive Skin.” Using moisturizers occasionally when needed is acceptable, but to depend on them to hydrate and calm skin on a daily basis is actually damaging to the skin. With repeated use, moisturizers have a negative impact on skin, making it weaker and drier — ultimately impairing the skin’s barrier function. It is also detrimental to skin’s cellular functions, arresting its ability to renew itself, leading to skin sensitivity and accelerated skin aging.


True Effects of Moisturizers

Conventional moisturizers can do more harm than good as they do not provide long term hydration and can actually shut down production of skin’s natural hydration. They are only quick fixes and do not offer long term benefits. Moisturizers merely provide temporary comfort, short-lived smoothing and plumping and artificial hydration. Moisturizers contain approximately the same components (water, lipids, and proteins) as the skin’s natural elements. Applying moisturizers creates a high level of moisture saturation on the surface of the skin, providing a false sense of hydration. When this happens, cellular communication is disrupted and skin stops producing natural hydration from within. Because cellular functions are not optimally performing, the skin becomes dependent on repeated applications of a moisturizer. 


The Facts of Moisturizers

  • Have led to the emergence of the term “sensitive skin”
  • Disrupt skin barrier and cause skin weakness
  • Lead to dryness and accelerates skin aging
  • Only offer temporary benefits
  • Cause cells to get lazy and not function properly
  • Create a false sense of hydration and lead to dependency 
  • Reduce natural skin exfoliation
  • Ultimately impedes true skin health restoration


ZO Skin Hydration + Calming

ZO Skin Health recommends functional hydrators, referred to as Hydration + Calming, as an alternative to traditional moisturizers that reduce the severity of reactions and irritation, while increasing tolerance and accelerating hydration from within, without weakening treatment benefits.


Benefits of Functional Hydrators

  • Provides immediate relief to compromised skin
  • Reduces redness and skin irritation
  • Repairs and strengthens skin barrier function
  • Upregulates skin’s natural hydration (natural moisturizing factors, glycosaminoglycans)
  • Enhances epidermal renewal and collagen production
  • Supports skin’s natural recovery process
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • Supports skin’s natural DNA repair and protection


*Taken from page 23 of ZO Principles of Skin Health Restoration