I look so tired all day long, but I’m not! What can I do to fix that?

A key indicator that flags your face as looking tired or drained can be hollowness under the eyes. This is a normal occurrence with age where the natural fat pads anatomically found under the eyes migrate downward due to decreased strength of retaining ligaments. These shifts can leave behind prominent bone structure, and shadows that weren’t there before. To treat this, hyaluronic acid fillers are a great option. This area, known as the tear trough, is injected with the appropriate filler using a cannula (or a blunt tip needle) that reaches from the cheek up into the under eye region. This sounds like a very involved process, but the application of numbing cream beforehand makes the whole process very tolerable. The plumping this area receives from the filler recreates the youthful, awake look of your face. Eyes are one of the first features a person notices when they see you, treat them right!