Local anesthesia or General anesthesia?

Many patients ask about the various types of anesthesia for their upcoming procedure.  Your surgery day is already stressful enough and Dr. Wallin wants you to be comfortable for your surgery just like you want to be.  

In the office we offer local anesthesia which is done using an injection of numbing medicine (lidocaine). This medicine does have a mild burn for 10 seconds after injection but after that the surgical area is not sensitive to pain.  You will still feel pressure and touch but not any painful stimuli.  For patients that are real concerned about the initial pain with injection this can be reduced with laughing gas. 

More involved surgeries are done in the operating room and depending on the preference of the anesthesiologist and the surgery you will have done a plan will be made to help you be comfortable for your surgery.  The two types of general anesthesia are a deep sedation (twilight anesthesia) and general anesthesia with a breathing tube.  From a patient point of view, you should not be aware of the surgery with either type of anesthesia.  If the surgery is planned on being more lengthy it is common to secure your airway with a breathing tube so the anesthesiologist can help you breath during your surgery.  Most people remember waking up in the recovery room and have little surgery pain other than a mild sore throat.  

Dr. Wallin wants your comfort to be his top priority and will assure your anesthesia team is aware of your medical conditions and any concerns you might have.