Those Luscious Hollywood Lips: Styles You Can Get with Fillers

A fleeting craze hit cyberspace recently, as people showed the results of themselves creating a vacuum inside a glass bottle with their lips, causing blood to rush to the area and create temporary swelling. Following this fad turned out badly for most, with bruising and pain being the result.

Short of swelling your lips by sucking them through a glass, the fastest way of getting that full-lipped look is with dermal fillers.

While they aren’t the only solution for plumping and defining lips, dermal fillers provide safe, fast, and stunning results. Whether you’re looking to emulate Kylie Jenner or Eva Mendes, Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery can recommend which types of lip fillers will best obtain your desired aesthetic.

In case you find yourself wondering why we find full lips to attractive, we’ll answer that question first, then look at the how behind the why.

What Makes Full Lips Sexy?

It might sound a bit odd, but science tells us that the attraction we feel toward an individual with full, pouting lips likely stems from a natural desire to care for that person. 

Full lips, along with large eyes and protruding cheekbones in adults, are what scientists call “neotenous features” – juvenile physical traits that appear in an adult of the species. On an evolutionary behavior level, juveniles have physical characteristics such as these to demonstrate vulnerability to others in the hope that it will encourage natural caregiving instincts to kick in. And although it may sometimes seem otherwise, human beings are innately social, compassionate creatures. 

As such, when people see adults with full lips, the youthful appearance promotes innate protective responses. The fastest way to achieve a set of these lips is with fillers, or potentially lip augmentation.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are substances made from hyaluronic acid or complex sugars that naturally occur in our skin. Skilled injectors use a fine needle to introduce these products between the skin and musculature of the lips to fill out the region physically. 

Some patients are after a drastic effect, a la Kim Kardashian. In this case, practitioners use lots of filler in all regions of the lips to create the famous “trout pout.” Using a similar product, other patients can achieve a more subtle “keyhole pout” look by adding some filler toward the center of the lips. 

The injector’s talent and experience play a significant role in the effectiveness of the procedure, as a trained eye, a steady hand, and an advanced knowledge of facial anatomy can combine to provide symmetrical, skillful results.   

One limitation some patients wish to avoid with dermal fillers is the fact they are relatively short-lived, with results lasting up to four to five months. Because of this, some people looking to pout their lips more permanently may opt for a lip augmentation procedure.

Lip Augmentation

While these aren’t filling procedures in the strictest sense, some surgical procedures can result in a perkier, poutier mouth. They include the vermilion lip advancement and lip lift, and when done in conjunction with dermal lip filling, can produce stunning results.  

Vermilion Advancement

“Vermilion” refers to the pink part of our lips – the attractive part where the blood is close to the skin surface. The vermilion border defines our mouths on our faces. In a vermilion advancement surgery, your surgeon extends the pink edge of the lips by removing some of the skin surrounding the border and repositioning the vermilion over a wider surface area. The goal of this technique is to make the pink skin more prominent. 

Lip Lift

A lip lift is beneficial to those concerned about having downturned lips. This phenomenon can result in a frowny appearance, even when you’re not grumpy. By lifting the corners of the mouth and setting them slightly higher, a skilled surgeon can add a small, permanent, and cheeky smile to your appearance. 

For many, lip filling using dermal filler will provide the desired aesthetic result. Bear in mind, however, that to maintain these results over the long run, you’ll need to return for periodic touch-ups two to three times a year.

Treatments are fast – often completed within 20 minutes – and require no recovery time. If you see a woman with incredibly voluptuous lips, there is a good chance she has fillers.

Next Steps

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