Will 2020 Be Your Most Beautiful Year Yet? Why Facelift Makes It Possible for the Next 10 Years

We made it to the ‘20s, can you believe it? Around the globe, millions of people are beginning the new decade committed to looking their best. Resolutions have been written down, gym memberships purchased, salad ingredients stocked, and calorie counters downloaded. But, many won’t make it to June without quitting on themselves (before results can even show up).

So, how can you beat the odds and make 2020 your most beautiful year yet? We can help. At Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, each one of our procedures is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Dr. Wallin and our expert team are here to listen to your goals and determine the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective ways to make those goals reality.

When it comes to looking and feeling more beautiful, we have few tools better suited than a Facelift. Dr. Wallin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with specialized expertise in procedures on the head, neck, and face. Our facelift patients benefit from Dr. Wallin’s years working with some of the formative facial surgery pioneers in the nation and for Operation Smile in Kenya and the Dominican Republic.

If you are looking to turn back the clock on aging, 2020 is a fantastic time to take the leap. Modern facelifts can create stunning, natural-looking results that will make this year (and the next 10) that much more beautiful.

Making Your Resolution Last

What’s behind the difficulty of keeping your resolutions? Psychology Today says the answer could lie in our very DNA and social makeup. It’s also important to understand one of the core tenets of behavioral science: homeostasis. In other words, our bodies are governed by equilibrium. When we get cold, we seek warmth. When we’re hungry, we search for food. So how does this pertain to resolutions?

Well, the idea goes that if we are constantly expending energy trying to achieve a goal without any rewards or breaks, we’re going to quit. Burn out is real. But, plastic surgery gives you the upper hand necessary to outwit evolution. Treatments like a facelift, Botox®, or dermal fillers, provide you a means of committing to the results you want without worrying about running out of steam too soon.

After your procedure, you’ll look in the mirror and be more inspired to stay active. Research agrees, people who receive cosmetic procedures to improve their appearances are happier and have higher self-esteem on average. Give yourself the boost you need, and make this the year you change for the better.

Cutting-Edge Tech and Surgical Techniques

Today, Facelifts look quite different from what you might imagine. Expert surgeons can create stunning results focusing on restoring a youthful appearance. Dr. Wallin can target deep tissues and resuspend volume that’s begun to sag or droop over the years. You won’t look like Joan Rivers; in fact, the vast majority of people won’t be able to tell you’ve had any work done at all. You’ll simply look radiant and years younger.

Dr. Wallin has several techniques to choose from, depending on your desired results and anatomy. Generally, we recommend a deep plane technique or a SMAS technique. The deep plane technique works particularly well for improving heavy jowls and sagging cheeks. Dr. Wallin releases and repositions specific tissues to restore volume and correct sagging facial structures. The SMAS technique is best suited for patients who want to tighten the foundation of tissues under the skin, adding fullness and refining your youthful appearance in a way that looks transformative yet totally natural.

Whatever method you and Dr. Wallin decide is best, you can expect your facelift to improve the appearance of loose tissue in the mid to lower face, as well as the chin, jowls, neck, and around the mouth. Results look very natural, and the removal of excess fat and skin, along with the repositioning of underlying tissues creates long-lasting rejuvenation. For those that want to target the upper part of the face as well, many patients opt to bundle an eyelid surgery or brow lift with their facelift for more comprehensive anti-aging.

Ready to Commit to Beauty? Schedule a Consultation

If you think a facelift could be right for you, scheduling a consultation is the next step. During your one-on-one meeting with Dr. Wallin, he will explain the full range of treatment options available after listening to your questions and concerns.

Dr. Wallin is particularly skilled in the fine art and precise science of facial rejuvenation surgery. It’s critical to work with a board-certified surgeon, and at Desert Bloom Plastic Surgery, we can guarantee you’ll receive the highest level of care and safety possible.

To schedule your no-obligation consultation, give our St. George, UT, office a call at (435) 627-8150 or contact us online today.