Waking Up the Skin

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In any good skincare regimen, the skin is stimulated using active ingredients. Have you ever felt your skin tingle after putting on a cream? This is the process in which skin is being stimulated. Oxygen production is increased and cellular activity is increased. This results in slowed aging and skin health restoration.


Skin stimulation is the process of improving both the epidermis and the dermis through the use of vitamin A (retinol/retinoic acid). According to Dr. Zein Obagi, this then “activates and upregulates dermal and epidermal cellular activity, optimizing fibroblast activity to increase the production of new and the repair of damaged collagen (firmness), elastin (tightness), and glycosaminoglycans (hydration).” When the skin is stimulated, whether through an aggressive treatment or aggressive topical agent, uneven texture is reversed and improves circulation within the skin. This then increases oxygen and nutrient delivery.