ZO Skin Conventional Moisturizer Theory

Dr. Zein Obagi of ZO Skin Health has an interesting take on conventional moisturizers, and we’re here to discuss and explain his theory of why you should say no to conventional moisturizers. 


According to Dr. Obagi, “The popularity of moisturizers has led to the term “sensitive skin.” Using moisturizers occasionally when needed is acceptable, but to depend on them to hydrate and calm skin on a daily basis is actually damaging to the skin. With repeated use, moisturizers have a negative impact on the skin, making it weaker and drier – ultimately impairing the skin’s barrier function. It is also detrimental to skin’s cellular functions, arresting its ability to renew itself, leading to skin sensitivity and accelerated skin aging.”


His theory on conventional moisturizers claim they are only quick fixes and do not offer long-term benefits. Applying moisturizer creates a “high level of moisture on the surface of the skin, providing a false sense of hydration. When this happens, cellular communication is disrupted and skin stops producing natural hydration from within.” 


So, how do you combat dryness?


ZO Skin Health’s protocols include hydrating elements, but do not offer a false sense of hydration for the skin. For example, ZO’s Daily Power Defense acts as a light moisturizer, but unlike conventional moisturizers that contain approximately the same components (water, lipids, and proteins), Daily Power Defense strengthens the skin’s barrier function, provides 12-hour antioxidant release, and is clinically proven to go deep into the skin to repair DNA. All ZO Skin Health protocols are formulated to treat the skin’s overall health, instead of just focusing on one or two concerns. 


In conclusion, conventional moisturizers disrupt skin barrier and cause skin weakness. Instead of conventional moisturizers, you can opt for a complete regimen to envelop all skin concerns and overall skin health. We recommend ZO Skin Health to treat and correct all skin problems and improve overall skin health.