While treatment of skin cancer is the primary goal for dermatologist trained in Mohs surgery, patients often want their appearance to be as normal as possible. Getting your appearance back to the level it was before cancer surgery goes a long way in restoring confidence and a positive outlook.

Dr. Wallin is a trained MOHS reconstructive surgeon with extensive experience repairing the wounds caused by skin cancers. Treatment options vary based on tumor depth and location but include the suturing of wounds or grafts to close areas of the skin. Dr. Wallin closely follows up with all patients after reconstruction to monitor the recovery process and encourages all patients to continue routine care with their dermatologist for detection of potential cancer reoccurrences and the presence of new lesions.

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Patients who have experienced extensive facial trauma or injury often greatly benefit from comprehensive repairs to the upper and lower jaws, the orbits around the eyes, and treatment to mitigate the effects of facial lacerations. Treatment options after trauma centralize around repairing facial fractures while ensuring the jaws meet correctly and operate normally. Dr Wallin’s previous experience at a level 1 trauma center allowed him exposure to all types of facial fractures in all age groups. This experience is unparralled within the St George area.

Congenital Ear Deformities,
Cleft Lip, and Palate

Deformed ears, cleft lips, and palates are anatomic deformities impact the self-esteem of a child. Cleft lips and plates inhibit a child’s ability to eat, speak, or breathe. Deformed ears (microtia) can draw attention and incite bullying. Surgical treatment for these issues include incisions near the affected area to stitch together tissues and restore a natural curvature to the face. Dr. Wallin understands the sensitive nature of congenital surgical procedures and is prepared to work with you and your child in a personalized manner both before and after the surgery.

Earlobes can become damaged or look unsightly due to age, heavy earrings, or dog attack. Damaged earlobes can affect a person’s ability to hear and can have a dramatic negative impact on self-esteem. Earlobe reconstructive surgery involves the reshaping and resizing of the earlobes to restore a natural appearance and ensure that both ears are symmetrical. Dr. Wallin often completes this procedure in under an hour. Earlobe reconstruction is ideal for patients who have experienced sagging due to age since the procedure can quickly restore a natural appearance to the ears.

Facial Nerve Weakness

Some of the devastating effects of Bells Palsy, surgery for the ear, parotid or cancer, as well as stroke or traumatic brain injury include damage to the facial nerve. Dr. Wallin has a variety of options available to bring back facial symmetry.

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The scars that result from trauma or injury can cause discoloration, self-consciousness, and even restriction of movement due to tightening of the area. Medical research has developed many ways, both surgical and non-surgical, to diminish scars. The treatment will depend on initial injury, skin type, and more factors. Dr. Wallin’s non-surgical scar reduction solutions include gels, tapes, injectables, light therapy and light therapy. He can also completely excise scars, sealing the wound with absorbable sutures or traditional stitches. Dr. Wallin treats everything from the most minor disfigurations to scars that require pharmaceutical tissue substitutes and tissue expansion techniques. 

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