How do we close surgical incisions?

We use a variety of different sutures (stitches) as well as different stitching methods when closing surgical incisions. One of the most common questions we get while patients are going through the healing process is if their stitches are dissolvable or if they will have to get the stitches taken out. This is determined by the location of the surgical incision as well as to the tightness of the skin in those areas. When it comes to a more sensitive area to have the sutures removed we tend to use a dissolvable suture so they can fall out on their own instead of us having to clip the sutures. When it comes to a permanent suture we tend to use these when the skin has a higher tension as well as needing a stronger hold from a suture that won’t break as easily when the area is cleaned. The last kind of closure we use is a staple. These are only used in areas where there is hair bearing skin due to the skin being thicker in these areas and are able to handle the pressure and tension from the staple.